Polishing Cloth

Polishing Cloth

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  • Antique furniture looks clean and fresh
  • Polishes car paint

Use dry

• Silver cutlery
• Jewellery
• Brass railings, buckles and handles
• Copper objects
• Musical instruments
• Trophies
• Antique, painted and varnished furniture
• Leather, suede and Alcantara
• Leather and patent leather shoes
• Car paintwork and motorcycles

When cleaning the car, the Polishing Glove collects excess car wax after it has been applied and dried, and it distributes an optimal protective wax film across the paint surface. The Polishing Glove can restore the original lustre and shine of tarnished silver items.
Test on a hidden area when treating antique items such as jewellery or furniture. Do not polish your car in strong sunlight as the heat may cause smears to appear.