Bathroom Combi Fiber Only 28cm

Bathroom Combi Fiber Only 28cm

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Bathroom Combi FIBER ONLY 28CM - must have Combiwiper to use

  • Large surfaces cleaned quickly
  • Shower screens and cubicles hygienically clean with just water

Use wet - dry afterwards

• Bathrooms, shower rooms, laundry rooms
• Tiles
• Shower cubicles

Damp to wet

Dampen the fiber, fold together and gently squeeze out any excess water. Pull the fiber onto the Combiwiper and fasten with the push button. Thoroughly clean the surface with the fiber. When water droplets begin to run off, wipe clear with the dry rubber lip, but not too forcefully – the rubber lip should not squeak. Use the Bathroom ENJOfil to wipe moisture off the rubber lip after each stroke.
The Bathroom Combiwiper Fiber can be used on both sides. If the fiber becomes too dry during cleaning, the surface being cleaned can be sprayed with water.
Very hard water can act like sandpaper on the surface to be cleaned and leave scratches on delicate materials (e.g. Plexiglas). In such cases, first treat the surface with Calcium Dissolver.