Outdoor Glove

Outdoor Glove

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Wash vehicles and outdoor furniture. No residue, no product build up, no streaks, and no chemical runoff.

  • Protect car paint and clean to a high shine
  • Garden furniture and children's toys are clean in no time

Use Wet – Must dry afterwards with Outdoor ENJOfil

• Outdoor areas
• Cars, bikes, and quad bikes
• Caravans
• Children’s trikes, go-karts and toys
• Garden furniture
• Plastic windows
• Letter boxes
• Blinds
• Tents and tarpaulins
• Trainers and walking shoes

Damp to wet
When washing the car, thoroughly hose down the vehicle as a first step. Use plenty of water to prevent residual dust from being rubbed into the paintwork. The Outdoor Glove should also be rinsed out frequently in the water. The car should not be washed in strong sunlight as this will cause smears on painted areas.