Dust Glove
Dust Glove
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Dust Glove

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  • Indoor dust levels decrease substantially

Use dry

• Furniture
• Wooden panels on walls and ceilings
• Fabric wallpaper
• Pictures
• TV sets, computer screens, stereos, radios, hi-fi equipment (switch off electrical appliances before use)
• Plants with large leaves
• Car fittings
• Shades and insect screens
• Curtains and vertical blinds

It is usually sufficient to knock out or brush the fiber outdoors after use, or it can be cleaned with a vacuum. The Dust Glove can also be used to gently brush the coat of cats, dogs and horses.
Very oily or waxed surfaces may clog the Dust Glove fiber. In such cases, wash the fiber in the machine. We recommend washing ENJO dusting fibers at a maximum temperature of 104°F/40°C. Please wash with similar colors or separately. In-between you can also hand wash it.